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Story [22 Nov 2009|05:01pm]
took home gold.
wo shì xìng gan de ma?

Story [22 Nov 2009|01:36am]
[ mood | content ]

So i finally told my mom about my daughter. Iv waited this long kuz iv had nightmares of my mom freaking out so much about it. about how shes a mixed baby and that im not ready, and things of those nature. iv spent the last 5 months making sure ruth and i where financially stable and get everything in order for the baby so that when i tell my mom she wont freak out as bad. In my mind i just imagine her giving me her whole im a god speech. finding every opposite to what im saying and being negative about everything. turns out i didnt need to hide it. she took it very well. extremely well. it was so weird. she never takes any kind of news well. and she gave me the most useful and most meaningful advice she had ever given me. " dont be like me, or your father" i feel as though the last bit of anger just left me, and im so grateful that this didnt turn out bad. everyone knows now even the most important person to me. Now the best and most difficult part. Aaliyah Jade Santos, i am waiting for you young lady.

see you in space cowboy.........

wo shì xìng gan de ma?

Story [21 Nov 2009|02:27pm]
karate competition tomorrow. heavy hitters from japan are gonna be there. this will be a good battle....................

see you in space cowboy.............
wo shì xìng gan de ma?

Story [20 Nov 2009|10:14am]
New laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wo shì xìng gan de ma?

Story [17 Nov 2009|10:05pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My car passed smog today. got new tags. this makes me happy kuz i rebuilt my engine all by myself in April and and its still running. but thats not the happy part. when i put the engine in it had zero miles yeah thats right 0, i dont have car payments and it only has 870 miles on it. the engine was 21 years old when i pulled it out. its ready for another pair of decades. pretty sweet considering i spent 2 grand total since i got the car.

wo shì xìng gan de ma?

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